Who killed the activist Gandzyuk: named names

Activists called the mediator between the perpetrators and the customer of attack on an activist and counselor of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk

This was reported on the community page “Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?” in Facebook.

Activists argue that this is a previously convicted Igor Pavlovsky, who is an official assistant of people’s Deputy Nikolay Palamarchuk.

“The official cause of death: multiple organ failure, and chemical burns 39 percent of his body in an attack using chemicals. Katya killed. Its customers live. And we know who it is. Kate also knew who ordered it and in the end killed. And we are not about five ex-soldiers UDA. This is only the perpetrators. We know who, when and how much they were paid. We know the whole chain of perpetrators, organizers, intermediaries to customers. We know what killed her. The interior Ministry and the GPU all also know. You know almost three months and do nothing. Know, but the cover,” — said the activists.

They also pointed out the connection with Paul folk deputati.

“The mediator between the perpetrators and the customer — Igor Pavlovsky. Previously convicted. Nicknamed “Dog”. Loves to talk about his criminal past. Pavlovsky, a former official assistant to the Deputy from Party of regions Samoilenko. Former unofficial assistant to the Deputy from Party of regions Zhuravko. Zhuravko now in the “DNR” Pavlovsk — the official assistant to the MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko Mykola Palamarchuk. Palamarchuk — the eternal looketh on the themes of the interior Ministry in the Kherson region”, — stated in the message.

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The incident

It is noted that Pawlowski transferred money from the customer to the head of the gang attacked Gandzyuk.

“Yes, we know who gave the funds Pavlovsky. And we know that Pavlovsky was ready to hand over to the Customer. Immediately after the arrest of the gang of performers, Pavlovsky was waiting with his lawyer arrest. But to arrest the higher echelons of the assassinations not traveh our interior Ministry and the GPU. Pawlowski agreed. Pavlovsky free. Pawlowski appeared in the case. Pavlovsky is a mediator between the performers and the customer. Pavlovsky will be responsible for the crime and hand over to the Customer. Why? Because he and the security forces no choice. Because inaska to act we will begin” — said in a statement the activists.

In Tu MP Palamarchuk denies any involvement in the crime.

“I had a relationship with Catherine Gandzyuk? No not had. If we had conflicts? No, it was not. If I had a motive to harm her? Of course not. I condemn this crime? Of course! And definitely not have any relation to it. In addition, this material is bloviating about the fact that I am “looking” for Kherson region. Bullshit!”, — said in a statement on the website of the BPP.

Activists also reported that Palamarchuk at the last minute were not included in the composition of the temporary investigative Commission that will be created in Parliament about the murder Gandzyuk. They require to exclude from the FAC people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko and to include in the composition of the Commission, Mustafa Nayem and other deputies, to which the public activists and human rights defenders have confidence.

We will remind, the suspect in the attack on Gandzyuk was Atoshnik-decorated.

As reported Politeka, in the case of the attack on Gandzyuk unexpected turn, this court did not expect.

Also Politeka wrote that Gandzyuk has recorded an angry video address to the authorities.

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