Why kill Zakharchenko: what really happened in Donetsk (Video)

Why kill Zakharchenko: what really happened in Donetsk (Video)

The leader of fighters “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko was killed due to the conflict of financial and economic interests of the Russian intelligence services GRU and FSB, on the border in which he appeared with his accomplices.

This was a live broadcast of one of Ukrainian television said the famous Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon. He commented on the sharp relations between Ukraine and Russia, noting the lack of need for Kiev to reckon with Moscow, especially against the background of what happened in Donetsk.

Gordon reported that the Ukrainian intelligence agencies still retained a large number of residents in Donetsk and is well aware about the situation in the occupied territory.

According to Gordon, Zakharchenko was killed as a result of the conflict of interests of the Russian special services associated with a huge number of contraband flows through the occupied Donbass.

Zakharchenko fell victim to fights the Russians tried to interfere in the division of funds with Tashkent.

“Now I will answer for everything”, escaped from Donetsk terrorist Tashkent arrested in Moscow – details the high-profile arrest

Information about the arrest of former”Minister” of “DNR” Alexander Timofeev named Tashkent a little while. It is known that he captured Moscow, but his whereabouts and the reason for the arrest no data. Information about Tashkent in Twitter shared by blogger Necro Mancer , which is a census of the message of one of the separatist telegrams channels

Interestingly, a few days before his arrest Timofeev was arrested by his Deputy Mikhailov.

The discussions suggested that now Tashkent is unlikely to leave “dry from water”, and if a high-ranking terrorist has come from Moscow itself, the case took a very serious turn. “Shaken out of Tashkent all that is acquired by “overwork”, – convinced the participants of the discussions.

“Now, not soon, will receive the full,” the “Answer for everything, especially because there is something to meet, a lot of it hanging lawlessness”, – write in social networks.

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