Why Russia is not, never was and never will be friends?

Why Russia is not, never was and never will be friends?

The Russians shelled, occupy, plunder Ukraine. Help by all means, give the last of those who with unprecedented hatred is going to kill our brothers, fathers, sons. But their wildly resent them for it nobody likes!

The full depth of the Imperial Moscow of schizophrenia can be understood by reading one of the luminaries of the “Third Rome” – F. M. Dostoevsky:

“Not from Russia, and there has never been such haters, envious, slanderers and even obvious enemies, as all these Slavic tribes, only their little Russia will be released. They will certainly begin with that in itself, if not right out loud, declare yourself and convince yourself that Russia they do not have the slightest gratitude, on the contrary, that of the ambition of Russia they barely escaped…

Maybe a century or more, they will continually tremble for their freedom and to fear the ambition of Russia; they will curry favor with European States, will slander Russia, tattling on her and plotting against her.”

Fyodor did not understand and did not want to understand the main thing: Russia, Moscow, the Kremlin friends among the Slavs there was not and never will be!

Those Muscovites call their friends, allies – friends with them internally: under duress or for money. Other “friends” in Russia was not!

Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Poland – all of them were conquered by Russia – occupied and never (except for the collaborators of course) the people of these countries have not been grateful to Moscow in the most disgusting slavery which now exists in the world is Russian!

No, of course, for centuries we have been told that Russia freed us, what from Moscow came to us the spirit of enlightenment that we experience the great culture of the Moscow climbing trees, but we all understand that this is a little bit wrong!

Russia is a corrupt, stinking, festered mixture that is enslaved, not assimilated peoples.

Russia is a state based colaborate Horde and accepted her inheritance.

Russia is a country collaborants, created by collaborate for collaborators! But because to understand the logic of free men ready to fight the Horde for freedom, for independence, they are not able to understand.

A small remark: Moscow impostors almost always sought to “restore” the Horde within it, explaining that this is her ancestral territory. This technology is not their invention.

Like everything in Russia – the technology is borrowed, in this case the Arabs, who believed that if the flag of Allah flies over the conquered territory then it belongs to someone forever, and their sacred duty to bring her back to their God, even if her true masters, it will discourage Muslims.

And the Kremlin, they believe that everywhere where the Russians once raised their flag is the earth of the Moscow you need its certainly vozvernut. And the fact that there are true owners, do not agree with their decision they don’t particularly care for. Those who will not swear allegiance to the Moscow impostor they just destroy! The benefit of the tools they have to do a lot, another famine is worth.

Russia by the way are really amazing and unique country. The majority of the population is assimilated Turks, but assimilated they are in some mysterious way.

Absorbing the culture of the enslaved countries they have destroyed and are not absorbed in contrast to other Eastern tribes invading Europe.


Hungary – Ugric peoples, invading Europe converted to Christianity, assimilated with the local Slavic tribes and civilize so much so that to call them a Turanian people today just do not dare!

The Bulgarians, in fact, too Turan, a Turkic tribe that invaded Europe assimilated with the Slavic tribes so much that the Bulgarian people became more Slavic than Turkish.

Moreover, that the Bulgarian language was for a long time almost the main language of Muscovy. And all Turkic inclusion of the “Russian” you can say more Bulgarian, because in fact “Russian” is a mixture of Ukrainian and Bulgarian!

Bulgarians, Bulgars, Tatars – they are the real “Russian” they were found Astolf de Coston rubbing “the Russian”!

Even the very ideology on which stands Moscow – “Third Rome”, has Bulgarian roots and was born in Tarnovo!

Yes, even the city of Moscow was founded by a Bunch of Bulgarians.

Well, to be honest, a true thoroughbred “Russian” Orthodox Tatar! And not, according to the Moscow propaganda, Slav.

But back to the main thread of our story.

Colaborate founded Moscow so imbued with the prophecy of the Novgorod monk Philotheus, that simply lost touch with reality.

The elder, trying to keep his brothers in the faith, called the Moscow of the pretender protector of the Orthodox Christians, justified the cause of the fall of all other Christian countries, and predicted that the reign over the world!

The idea is to own the world, the descendants of Genghis Khan so much that they and to this day her delusional.

Under this idea they are conquering country after country paying population enslaved countries in their servants, soldiers, slaves.

To be poor, hungry and doomed to die for the king, the slave of Moscow – for Russians honorable!

Trying to liberate their country allying with the brothers in misfortune or seeking help abroad in Russia is considered prostitution!

You know? How perverted their minds?

They can’t imagine that they are free! They have to belong to someone! They have in mind does not fit the information that everyone is free from birth the right to dispose of his life to his taste!

They are mental slaves, and not realize that we are in the struggle with the Moscow occupier, not trying to abandon his old master for a new one! We do a host not looking for we’re looking for freedom!

They reject freedom and, therefore, in their minds, if you’re trying to get rid of the occupier enter into an Alliance with Poland – you’re a renegade, a prostitute, because you betrayed the Holy idea: turn the whole world into Russia!

But if you’re the opposite: killing their brothers to the delight of the Moscow impostor, you’re a hero! You are an elite, reference “Russian”! Admire you, you immediately elevate to the saints!

The best example of such love, of course, is Alexander Nevsky, who betrayed everything he could, and with the support of Batu flooded Russia with blood of its defenders!

You have to be a traitor, a traitor to the interests of the country, a traitor to the family, earth, blood; to be a collaborator, to participate, to cooperate with Moscow is, by Moscow standards right and good, and it’s not prostitution!

But to harrow their land, to give their lives for its freedom and independence is definitely prostitution!

Because I don’t have slaves of Moscow to understand that independence is a when not to bow down to anyone in the knees! No need to be a property! Not happy for anyone to die!

They do not understand what this posture, with straight back and Labasa sole master is possible!

“We, Muscovites, in the person of the king, we see the greatness and unity of our Empire,” wrote Mikhail Bakunin in his “Letters on patriotism”.

You – Yes!

We – no!

We do not see anything Holy or sacred in the betrayal of the family!

We are not just prostitutes, in contrast to the standard “Russian” and we know what family, what tribe, what names!

Re: honor, conscience and faith!

We do not seek to prove the greatness of our supposedly God’s chosen people – the Imperial us schizophrenia is not sweet and not Luba!

We do not seek to start a war with a neighbor for his land, for his enslavement!

But you betrayed their ancestors, their family, their blood, religion; sold his soul to the Kremlin do not understand. Because honor and conscience you have removed at birth, replacing these qualities slavish obedience, passion and hatred all free, not like you.

We are not like you, and never such will not!

P. S. There is another interesting factor explaining Moscow’s desire to become Rus.

Genghis Khan moving East almost never met resistance, because his army grow more than significantly due to the backing of collaborate.

Stream collaborators in Russia has dried up so that Batu could not wage war in Europe.

Yes, some time he won, but at one point he realized that he did not give Russia he reinforcements, which gave the Volga Bulgaria, which gave the Caucasus, which gave other enslaved peoples.

Absorbed by the Horde became a bone in the throat of Batu. As was not so many traitors in the country, as expected. Not the mentality of the enslaved.

And because, not having received reinforcements, not getting supplies, not getting a fresh breath of air, Batu stopped the attack and returned to the borders of their conquests, which later became the borders of the Russian Empire.

But not once then burned Slavic state of Rus ‘ Ukraine, not just blazing Poland, Lithuania, Belarus. Because are unable Muscovites to remove from the DNA of the Slavs code free people.

They will not bow to our nature. But because they find in it something wonderful, incomprehensible for himself nearabsence, and increases their desire to become us, to feel us. Over time it partly became their national idea: to be Slavic, to be Russian.


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