Why the law of Israel as a Jewish state was criticized by the Arabs and the EU

The Israeli Parliament passed a law that stimulates the expansion of Jewish settlements and gives the Hebrew the only official language. This infringes on the rights of minorities and interferes with the peace process, his critics say

Photo: Darren Whiteside / Reuters

12 hours of discussion

On the morning of Thursday, July 19, the Israeli Knesset passed the second and third readings of the document entitled “Basic law: Israel — the national state of the Jewish people”, defines the country as an exclusively Jewish state. Discussion of the bill lasted about 12 hours. In the end, the initiative was supported by 62 deputies out of 120, 55 voted against, two abstained.

Since the law has the status of main, its abolition is possible only by the acceptance of the other is equal to the value of the law. (Israel has no formal Constitution, its role actually performs the so-called Set of basic laws that serve as guidelines for the state and the legal system).

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