Why Ukrainians are leaving to Poland? If you think about it – it’s almost magical country

Why Ukrainians are leaving to Poland? If you think about it – it’s almost magical country

Again escalated the debate around the “EuroBLECH”. And again we have to repeat the obvious.

Machine avtonomera is a consequence, not a cause. Symptom fight which is pointless as long as you do not diagnose the disease that caused it.

You can blame any number of people because they massively sabotage the Ukrainian legislation. But when there is such mass sabotage, it only indicates that the country has inconvenient laws and unfair rules.

Classics of Economics unanimously claim – there are no bad people, there are bad laws. In those countries where the laws are bad, people are starting to massively evade from them and invent all sorts of loopholes to get around them. This is an obvious truth.

So are tens of third world countries. The more idiotic prohibitions and restrictions, the more corruption, the informal sector, all kinds of deviations, violations, etc. Who are interested in the issue, read the book Hernando de Soto’s “Mystery of capital”. There is just a detail it is written.

“EuroBLECH” on our roads – a consequence of unreasonably high duties on import of cars. People are rebelling against these duties and require their reduction. They can’t understand why the same car in Lithuania and Ukraine differs in price three times.

The cost of customs clearance in Ukraine is really not justified. As soon as its size will be reduced to a reasonable level – “EuroBLECH” just go away by themselves because they will lose all meaning. It is important that this was not just a SOP to those who are now protesting. Duties should be lowered for everyone.

I have to tape many blamed protesters Aromasin owners, called them “cattle,” “riders”, “redneck”.

It’s funny, because there is an obvious logical incident. It turns out that the same Ukrainians working in Poland is absolutely legal to buy a car for 2 thousand Euro and ride it to Warsaw, but if he comes on this car to his native Lutsk – immediately become a “Freeloader”, “cattle” and the offender.

It is obvious that here something not so.

I’m not surprised that the Ukrainians are leaving to Poland? If you think about it – it’s almost magical country! Crossing the border, a Ukrainian from “loafer”, “rednecks”, “free-riders”, “paternalista” time suddenly turns into a full-fledged resident of the European Union, are able to earn a European salary, to live according to European laws and have access to all the benefits of European civilization.

Mystery! It turns out that we’re not all Morlocks, mutilated shovel, and normal, healthy people, who are quite able to live and work in the EU. Somehow there Ukrainians follow the laws, and at home there.

Why do you think? How is it that Taras from Exactly in Poland working for the white salary, and house digs amber and pay the cops a bribe? It is with Taras something wrong, or laws Exactly?

According to various estimates, Ukraine to half of the economy is in the shadows. This nightmarish figure, and “EuroBLECH” is only one symptom out of hundreds. To change this situation, you need to change the rules, not the people. Easy rules, nice and easy to follow.


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