WP found out about the Pentagon’s assessment of the cost of the withdrawal of its troops from Germany

Among the considered military options — full or partial displacement of American troops in Poland. Berlin Donald trump before repeatedly criticized the inadequate funding of the NATO

Photo: Friso Gentsch / dpa / Global Look Press

The Pentagon, amid growing tensions between U.S. President Donald trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel considers the cost and the possible effect of large-scale withdrawal or redeployment of American troops from Germany. This is with reference to familiar with this discussion, sources in the military of the United States newspaper the Washington Post (WP).

A similar analysis, as told to the sources, was started after the US President expressed interest in the idea of withdrawing American troops from Germany. This view trump, according to them, supported in early 2018 at a meeting with military aides in the White house. The President of the United States, according to sources, the WP, then was shocked by the amount of the US presence in Germany (there are about 35 thousand troops). After that trump, according to the newspaper, began to complain that other countries do not make equitable contribution to the overall security of the allies of the North Atlantic Alliance or NATO pay is not enough.

Such estimates, according to The Washington Post, has alarmed European officials, who are now trying to figure out whether trump intends to change the location of US forces in Europe, or is it just a negotiating tactic before the NATO summit in Brussels, where the American leader is likely to again be critical of the allies for what they are, in his opinion, NATO emit small amounts on defense.

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