You need to ask all country: Sergey Shakhov commented on the initiative on the referendum in the Donbass

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine from party “Our land” Sergey Shakhov commented on Putin’s proposal to hold a referendum on independence for the Donbass

The theme of the MP discussed in the program “Wild goldfish” on the channel NEWSONE. According to the MP, the holding of any referendum in Ukraine is impossible without the Ukrainians.

“Without the Ukrainians, Ukrainian people and without recognition of the Ukrainian people in a peaceful Ukraine can not be no referendum,” he said.

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He stressed that before thinking to conduct such a plebiscite Russia must fully comply with the terms of the Minsk agreements.

“To take heavy equipment from the occupied territories, to withdraw from the barracks, military personnel, release of the Ukrainian border,” — said the Deputy.

He noted that after this Ukraine will have to carry out serious work with the local population.

“When we get back its territories, we must return the human brain, the human heart, the human soul”, — said the shahs, noting that after years of occupation the people can occur post-war syndrome.

He also stated that it is important that these people saw that peaceful Ukraine treats them normally.

In this Shakhov stressed that in today’s conditions, when do not fulfill any of these requirements, to hold a referendum in the occupied territories in any case.

“We need to first ask the entire country if we need to hold a referendum. I think not. Today we need to return to first people, and then take care of any sort of referendum,” he said.

We will remind, earlier Politeka wrote that the proposal to hold a referendum in the Donbas could be a ploy by Vladimir Putin, invented to legitimize the annexation of Crimea. This was discussed in the new material of “Apostrophes”. It is noted that Putin may use the trick with the referendum in order to legitimize their claims to Crimea in the eyes of the West.

If the referendum for independence of Donbass will be able to hold, the Kremlin will be unimportant result. Putin’s government plans to use this precedent in order to appeal to the West about the Crimea.

Earlier it was reported that the US state Department made an important statement on the referendum in the Donbass.

We also wrote about the long-awaited Washington’s response to Putin’s proposal.

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