“Zelensky may withdraw his candidacy”: the journalist announced a possible date

“Zelensky may withdraw his candidacy”: the journalist announced a possible date

The candidate in presidents of Ukraine and well-known showman Vladimir Zelensky can refuse to participate in the presidential election for 23 days before voting day.

In his case it could happen on March 8, wrote in a blog Ukrainian journalist Oleksandr Demchenko.

“What usually happens on this day? Right! The concert “Evening quarter”.

In this day Zelensky to repeat what he said in the night, only exactly the opposite: “I’m not going!” and withdraw his candidacy in favor of some other candidate.

Before Zelensky did write to his election program and even collect 2.5 million UAH Deposit to the CEC. And for what? To boost the degree of tension and make everyone nervous” – said Demchenko.

According to the journalist, the same thing once the elections in 1980, the year in France was made by the comedian Michel Colucci, known for the pseudonym of Coleus.

“A month before the election of Coleus removed his candidacy, and many then believed that this happened because of the persecution. However, in his last address to the candidate, he called for a vote for the opponent of the then President of France.

And after the death of Colusa his close friend Georges Attali wrote a book “It was françois Mitterrand”, where he admitted that “Colus” is a specially developed technology. The same can be the case with Zelensky.

These two candidates are very similar among themselves. The show promises to be truly funny and enticing”, the journalist says.

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